Saturday, July 10, 2010

interview: aleyn comprendio

Your name, where you live, and eye color?

I’m Aleyn Comprendio which is actually not the real spelling of my first name but it’s easier for people to remember it that way, so I let that be. I am from a small province in the Philippines called Iloilo and I'm pure Filipino so my eye color is dark brown.

Why photography? What brought you to it, and gave you such a passion for it?

All I can say is that through taking pictures, it allowed me to share to the world, the world I've always wanted to be in. Also, photography gave me a way to express who I truly am, in a rather informal way since I am not really good at describing
myself in words.

It used to be just to make myself look pretty. It's not after I tried taking pictures of other people that I later discovered that I can make them as subjects of these visions I have in my head. Having to live far out of big cities, it gave me the passion to execute these visions all the time, mainly because I don't have to scout on almost ethereal places for I am blessed to be near one. Although I must say that not all photographers even knew these places exists in where we're living. I have been asked about that a millions times. I guess we're all too caught up with having to look for good spots in other places to get good pictures that we forget that the best ones are right in front of us.

From day-to-day, what are your biggest inspirations?

My dreams. But I won't limit it to that. I would say music, films, children's classic books, frequent travelling, and the internet (where I get inspirations for most of the styling and clothes).

What equipment do you use?

I use different DSLRs I can get my hands on since I don't have my own yet (God knows when I'll buy one) and a Pentax ME that a good friend is too nice to let me have for a while.

How far are you willing to take your photography?

How far? That I do not know yet. Currently, I treat this as just sort of a therapy; an outlet and I'm happy that way. In fact, I am already happy and contented to see that I inspire people
with my photos. I believe that that is just my role in this field. Being famous and all would be another story and I refuse to think about it.

Is it something you plan to carry with you as you get older or is it just another hobby?

Photography already has its place in my heart and that I don't think time and age or anything will hinder me from creating these visions I have in my head.

Any words on this photographer: Tim walker?

Tim Walker is already an icon and I cannot say bad things about him for the fear of getting stoned at. But seriously, Tim Walker is one of those people that we are thankful for existing in this world. His photos are what people thirst for since forever. He has the courage to create something mundane into something otherworldly and I admire him so much because of that. He is and still remains to be one of my favorite photographers.


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  1. yey :) Aleyn is a wonderful person and photographer, nice to see this interview!