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interview: farah elizabeth

First question. Your name is Farah. Do you say it far-uh or fara-ay?

That is correct, it’s actually pronounced like "fahrah" but spelt like Farah, just like Farrah Fawcett, expect mine is one R.

I see. It's nice to know. :)
As a photographer, what we take pictures of is very important. I have noticed that you do a combination of both self portraits and portraits of others. Which one would you say you prefer?

I prefer people, only because I love to find the inner beauty of others through my lens, whenever I take self-portraits… I usually have to take a good few to take the right one but with others, it’s a lot easier to get it right first time around.

I know how that is... :)
I've also noticed that you shoot both digital and film photography. Which one would you say you feel more comfortable shooting? Why?

Film fur sure, although I do worry when it comes to film because you can never tell how/if it comes out. I feel with film it tells more of a story than digital though.

When did you first start finding an interest in photography? How did you discover film?

I started getting into photography during my first year of Art, that’s when I realized
what I wanted to do. I'm not too sure how I discovered film, I think it’s just when I went through old family photos and such and back then it was all film and it just holds so much memories and like I said tells more of a story.

When you say "during my first year of Art", do you mean art school or just an art course at school?

No at college, it was just a course I went on which was "intro to art, design and media". I'm going onto the 2nd level which contains photography, graphics, and textiles.

As you got more and more into photography, who or what would you say are your inspirations?

I don't really have inspirations; I mean there are people I do admire. I guess my inspirations are those whose work I can look at for hours and hours and just be amazed really.

As you know each photographer is different. We all have different goals; some like to take their camera around and just take pictures of life. Others love planned photo shoots and before any pictures are taken they have everything planned out. Which type would you say you are and why?

If I'm being honest, I can be both.
It’s all well and fun just to take your camera out and let the moment capture you which in that term gives you candid shots, where as with a shoot I guess you know what you're aiming for/what you're going to get. I love both; it’s good to be able to shoot different styles instead of sticking to one.

interview by: gracie cannell



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