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ethan tate

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franziska klamm

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benedetta falugi

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interview: viktor gårdsäter

I sat down with Viktor Gårdsäter, who helped me make fourth estates official first interview. Not only does he have beautiful photography, but a great head on his shoulders. please enjoy!

What made you get into photography?

I didn’t get in to film school so instead I went traveling (find-myself-trip) to central and South America. With me I brought a little digital camera and I discovered photography for real (did a class earlier in college but back then I was all into film). When I got home I bought a SLR.

Are there any particular inspirations?

well. A part from just scanning the web for great artists, which I do almost daily, I get inspired from blogs like Booooooom, Svärta and such. Lately I discovered . Great stuff there. And then off course, "Daily life". I really like Simon Roberts:

Any certain objects or scenes you like shooting most?

my photography often deals with topics such as loneliness in the big city and the search to find meaning and happiness. How people relate to each other. The struggle to really connect. I like stuff that is somehow out of the place. Like misfits. I also like to find and capture these small stories that go around everywhere.

Digital or film?

I use a Hasselblad medium format camera from the 50s, a Nikon D3 and a old German miniature camera called PORST. No one is better or worse, just different. But I don’t care about the technique, whatever works.

Your house is on fire! And you can only take one thing: your camera or computer?

Camera I think. So I can take pictures of the fire ;)

Would you love to take photography throughout your life? and how much does photography mean to you?

Photography is more or less the only thing I’m good at. So, it means everything. Not that I sometime wouldn’t get a 9-5 job. Actually I think maybe I will. But all the spare time I always got a camera on my shoulder and in every day life I some how put in the aspect of photography in to everything. Its just work that way :)


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zeolite fuhrman

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ylenia arca

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maren celest

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ryan furbush

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